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Arthur Caruana went about marshalling his troops: Ian Busuttil Naudi and Angele Galea for The 103 Morning Show. The idea for the morning show is based on research carried out on the habits and inclinations of the Maltese in the morning hours. “The listeners are on the move so we cannot give out heavy stuff, […]

Well-known presenter and academic Prof. Andrew Azzopardi will be hosting a new current affairs discussion programme on 103. “I do not find the change easy and this is a very big thing for me. But I am very excited and raring to go”. “I will be as incisive and as direct as ever,” promised Prof. […]

Grandmother Josephine Portelli (known as Nanna Jessie) had a lovely surprise earlier this morning when she was phoned up by 103 Malta’s Heart Station Manager and broadcaster Arthur Caruana ostensibly to take part in a competition. In reality, he had set up a special phone call on air one of her grandsons, Valletta FC footballer […]

A marathon programme on 103 netted  €12,000 for Dar tal-Providenza. The thirty hour marathon was hosted by Channel Manager Arthur Caruana together with several presenters and guest singers, including some of the best artistes on the Island. The initiative taken by the Channel Manager of 103 and the sum collected was praised by the Director of […]

Marie Fredriksson has died at the age of 61.

We all remember the 1982 Spielberg film ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial’. The wonderful friendship between E.T. and Elliot (played by Henry Thomas) and the tears of joy when (spoiler alert!) E.T. finally goes home to reunite with his family. Well, this Christmas, E.T. is back in a short, sweet ‘sequel’ of sorts with a Sky advert […]

The capital of Lithuania has officially started the holiday season by lighting up the Christmas tree, which international travellers expect to be the most beautiful in Europe.

It is well known that I am not a fan of Christmas. In fact I am known as ‘The Grinch’ in my office. However, there is one thing I can tolerate about it and that is Mariah Carey’s famous festive song ‘All I Want for Christmas’. Any other Christmas song gets my teeth on edge. […]

The Ilya Averbukh Production Company is an internationally-known Russian company that creates unique, grand ice shows featuring world-class skating stars. These shows combine figure skating,  theatre, live vocals and music and state-of-the-art stage designs. On the 13th December 2019 the European Foundation for Support of Culture and the Ilya Averbukh Production Company, with the support of the Malta […]